The Importance of Travel for the Millennial Generation

Importance of Travel

Importance of Travel

Richard Branson, Hiroshima, & The Importance of Travel

Read Richard Branson’s article about the importance of travel (link above).

Branson is a serial entrepreneur. He is also a passionate philanthropist and he is trailblazing a new paradigm for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

I remember the exact moment I left Vietnam after spending two weeks with my new buddy “Duc” while studying abroad in the winter of 2008. We spent long bus rides across the country, me not speaking Vietnamese and him not speaking English. We wrote in little notebooks trying to translate. Just a few decades before, people from our respective homes fought in the rice paddies we were now traveling along.

The time I spent traveling S.E. Asia changed my entire perspective on the world. People say it’s a small world. Get on a jet that travels 500+ mph for 15 hours and tell me how small it is. You realize how far away we really are from each other. BUT, what makes the world small are the things we have in common. Duc and I found out quickly (though challenging) that we had similar families, we enjoyed similar childhood games, and that the rice paddies that surrounded his house were just like the corn fields that surrounded mine.

I am because you are. I am compassionate for you, because I am you. You are just as human as I am. Just as I am because you are, I am not or cannot be without you.

– Richard Branson

Engulfing oneself into other cultures and other ways of being develops a respect and compassion for fellow beings. Consistent travel promotes that experience. In Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present & Predict Our Future, the millennial generation’s values can be predicted based on the pendulum type swings of generational values over the course of humanity. It’s safe to say, based on historical data, that the millennial generation will find value in community, innovation, and collaboration.

I believe the next generation of entrepreneurs will exist and be successful in a socially-conscious way. We see folks like Branson, Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes, & Bill Gates leading the charge…and there is a whole host of others following in their footsteps.

Profiles: 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs | Forbes

The millennial generation will forge a new paradigm and a new definition of personal success. This isn’t a proclamation of one generation better than another, but more an observance of generational values and an understanding of how past generations shape our present and predict our future. For more insight, read Pendulum by Roy Williams and Michael Drew. The book offers compelling evidence of the pendulum type swings of generational values and supports the notion that the millennial generation is more likely to be more community- and socially-conscious than the preceding generations. If it’s true, we will see an explosion of social entrepreneurs using the evolution of connected technology to create a more cohesive, sustainable society.

Lions Health Festival Report

I recently told someone that I get to work with someone of the most experienced advertising talent in the world at GSW. Did I sensationalize it a bit….maybe? But the work that has been coming out of this Columbus agency the past year has been nothing short of inspiring.

In May, GSW was named 2014 Agency of the Year by Med Ad News, one of the leading publications in healthcare advertising.

In June, GSW was awarded a Silver Lion at the Lions Health awards in Cannes, France, the biggest stage in global creativity. No other US agency was awarded a gold, silver, or bronze award. On the premier global stage of creativity, GSW wins.

Winning is great. But what our agency learned in this process is even more important and I think those insights will move the healthcare advertising world forward, if we study it and make the decision to take risks and pursue a better future for healthcare in the US and the world.

The brilliant minds that attended the Lions Health Festival compiled a collection of the best insights and ideas from the top advertising companies and their folks in the world. Enjoy.


BONUS: GSW’s global creative director, Bruce Rooke, shared his perspective as a judge at the festival and explains the state of healthcare advertising in the US…it’s an inspiring read >> Why the US Didn’t Do Well at Lions Health | Advertising Health

How Goofy Social Trends Are Changing Our Human Instincts

social trends changing human instincts

There is no arguing the scale of change digital media has ushered over the past 20 years. What I get most excited about are the ways technology has changed the way we interact with the world, how they change are expectations, and how they change our instincts.

You know what I’m talking about, all the :-) and :-(‘s, the LOL’s and the BRB’s, and of course the infamous “selfie”.

I bet we dismiss a lot of those. What profound, meaningful impact could :-)’s, LOL’s, and duck-faced self-portraits possibly have on the world?

Check out these clues….clues that hint at major changes in the way we interact with the world and change our basic instincts as humans.

Stroke “selfie” helps save Canadian woman’s life

Skin selfies help dermatologists diagnose from afar

social trends changing human instincts

High School Stabbing Attack Victim Took Hospital Selfie

Next time you notice something new happening in the world, take a few extra seconds to think about it and how it may just change our human instincts.


Startup Tips: Productivity from The Wonder Jam

Startup Tips

Startup Tip: Batch Tasks

My fellow Cbusrs Allie & Adam Lehman started The Wonder Jam just shy of a year ago, their own marketing/design biz. Observing from a far, their work is really solid….clean, simple, effective.

I thought it was ironic when I saw a post from Adam about how they manage their time and tasks; until I realized that they manage their time exactly the same way…clean, simple, effective.

Give it a read. Their tip on educating others is brilliant.

Technology Trends Driving Digital Storytelling

As technology becomes almost invisibly integrated into our daily lives — in our hands, our clothes, and even our eyes — tracking insane amounts of data and creating nearly infinite customer touch points, great storytelling is still the most powerful influencer of behavior. Learn how current and future technology trends are powering successful storytelling.

Shout out to for many of the stunning images in this presentation.

How Technology Trends Are Changing the PR Industry | Featured on

Technology Trends Changing PR

Watching and understanding how technology trends are changing the way we interact with the world, both personally and professionally, is my true passion. I love thinking about new technology and how it will be used, how it will change how we communicate, the compelling things it will add to our lives, and some of the negatives as well.

The evolution of social networks and the proliferation of technology have started to create a culture of connectivity, where we are always connected to each other and the information we seek. Bank transactions, Facebook messages, encyclopedia entries, and our friends and family are the swipe of a finger away. For marketers, advertisers, and PR pros, these technology trends have created a nearly infinite number of customer touchpoints to tell their stories.

Read about the 3 strategies that marketers & PR pros should be focused on in 2014 at


Major Shift in Super Bowl Ad Spend

Super Bowl Ad Spending

I follow advertising trends very closely. What’s happening in the industry, the most creative campaigns, changes in consumer habits, and trends in media buying.

This week an industry-changing announcement was made by Animal Planet regarding their famed Puppy Bowl. The 2014 “Canine-Clash” will feature penguin cheerleaders and a VIP suite for cats.

Prediction: This will be the beginning of the end for the Super Bowl advertising frenzy. I see major advertisers reviewing their super bowl ad spend and not hesitating to spend up to 8 figures on Puppy Bowl.

Super Bowl Ad Spending

For more on Puppy Bowl X, visit their feature on

Editor’s Note: While is seems completely plausible that Puppy Bowl could overthrow the Super Bowl’s advertising dominance (I mean, how do you compete against puppies, cats, and penguins!?!?!), this prediction only applies to advertising trends in our wild imaginations and not to reality. 

2014 Marketing Trends and Opportunities

Each year, I take time during the month of December to catch up with old friends, visit with some of my favorite people in marketing, and seek out new, interesting people in the marketing and advertising space to talk over marketing trends they are anticipating for the next year.

For the 2014 marketing trends report, I’ve pulled together 7 bright, young people who are on the front lines of their respective fields building their own businesses or working with some of the nation’s most recognized companies.

Enjoy! Hope you find success in 2014.